Soutputz to get desalinated water

September. 20, 2022
Soutputz is a communal farm located in the Gibeon constituency about 30km south of Mariental. The communal farm is home to about 300 people. Hardap governor Salomon April says due to the salinity of the local water an agreement was reached with NamWater to provide the community with water through the pipeline that provides Gibeon with water.

U.S.-Africa Committee to Host a Petroleum Minister Puot Kang Chol in Washington D.C.

December 13, 2021
The Minister will discuss opportunities for US investors in South Sudan's oil, gas and energy sectors. The discussion will be led by Jude Kearney, Managing Partner, Asafo US, Dean Foreman, Economic Director of the American Petroleum Institute, Dr. Sara Vakhshouri, Founder and President of SVB Energy International, and Derek Campbell, Executive Chairman of African Metals Group.

African Energy Week

November 09, 2021 to December 12, 2021
The closing day of the African Energy Week event held in South Africa this month heard voices casting doubt on a renewables-only energy transition and calling for a gradual change and continued investment in petrochemical production.

Energy Security and Energy Transition in Sub-Saharan Africa

Energy Security Cubed Podcast: December. 2, 2021
The Canadian Global Affairs Institute's Energy Security Cubed Podcast, Kelly Ogle is joined by Sara Vakhshouri to talk energy security and energy transition in Sub-Saharan Africa, and what this could mean internationally.

African Energy Week highlights lack of support for renewables

PV Magazine: November. 23, 2021
On the final day of the event in Cape Town – organized by industry body the African Energy Chamber – Sara Vakhshouri, of SVB Energy International, told the conference each African nation has its own unique energy needs and that a ‘mixed basket' of energy sources would be the best approach for nations to secure energy security. Vakhshouri is founder and president of the Washington-based consultant, which lists ‘major national and international oil companies' as its biggest client type. She told the event: “Energy transition doesn’t mean we only need solar and wind. We are not sure that the energy transition to renewables with the current technology is sustainable and viable yet. The high energy prices, increase in population, and lower efficiency of solar and wind make us see a different scenario.” Mohammed Amin Adam, deputy energy minister of Ghana, called upon international investors to devote as much attention to developing renewables in Africa as they do in other markets, such as Europe and Asia.

Geopolitics of Energy in Africa

Energy Capital and Power: November. 10, 2021
As the continent’s premier energy event, African Energy Week (AEW) 2021 in Cape Town offers global and African stakeholders the opportunity to engage, network, facilitate deals, and drive the continent into a new era of enhanced energy and economic growth. Accordingly, an energy dialogue session on the geopolitics of energy in Africa aimed to address the challenges and opportunities faced by the African energy industry, proposing an integrated and cooperative approach to the continent’s energy sector expansion. Moderated by Dr Sara Vakhshouri, founder and president, SVB Energy International, panel participants included Dr Lars Schernikau; Erik Prince, Founder, Frontier Service Group; and C. Derek Campbell, Executive Chairman, African Metals Group. With Africa’s rich hydrocarbon resources comprising a predominant topic in global energy dialogue, the speakers emphasized the role that oil and gas will continue to play in Africa.

French oil giant Total going big on solar energy

January. 19, 2021
Energy industry consultant Sara Vakhshouri said this particular partnership with Adani Green Energy makes a lot of sense for Total. After all, India is one of the world’s fastest-growing markets for energy demand. “If you’re an international energy company and you are looking to be ahead of your peers in the game to seize a huge chunk of market share, India is where you want to be,” Vakhshouri said. She said the other place multinational energy companies are looking to invest is southern Africa, because, like India, that region is moving fast toward increasing electricity access to more citizens.


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