C. Derek Campbell

Senior Advisor

Energy Strategist | Strategic Energy Consultant | Advisor

C. Derek Campbell is the Chief Executive Officer of TransGen Energy, Inc., an integrated global energy conglomerate (www.transgen-energy.com). In this role, he leads the company in its development efforts and strategic operations. He also is the principal lead for all Energy Security activities of the company. Derek has enjoyed a distinguished career in the public and private sectors, with focus on the energy, extractive industry, and security/defense fields. As a United States Marine Officer, Derek most recently served as the Chief of Military Plans for the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS). He also served his country in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, with distinction - earning the Bronze Star in Afghanistan. From 2004-2006, Derek served as the U.S. Marine & Naval Attaché to Nigeria, where he developed deep cooperative relationships with multi-national corporations and captains of industry, as well as a keen understanding of the region and its diplomatic and commercial sensitivities. Chief among those are the maritime and port security around the Niger Delta, where he was primary portfolio manager and point of contact for all U.S. maritime and oil and gas security initiatives during that period. In the private sector, Derek has traveled extensively throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. From January 2007 to December 2012, Derek was the Managing Director of Accession International, Inc. where he guided his team in developing business for multinational extractive industry and infrastructure development firms throughout Western and Central Africa/the Gulf of Guinea. During his time as an energy and extractive industry professional, Derek developed a niche expertise in the energy security space, where he leads TransGen Energy’s efforts to raise awareness regarding the growing need for increased security and risk mitigation measures for critical energy infrastructure assets – ultimately ensuring greater energy resiliency for TransGen Energy’s clients. Derek is a regular on the international Oil & Gas/Energy speaking circuit speaking as an authority on topics such as the Extractive Industry in Western & Central Africa, Political Dynamics of Oil & Gas in Africa, and Energy Security. Derek currently serves as a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Marine Corps Reserve.

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